Should I start from seed or from clones?

Whether one should I start from seed or from clones is really a matter of personal preference, price and your projected time line. From personal experience we at High Note Care prefer to grow from seed and subsequently clone from only the strongest and healthiest of F1 mothers. Here are some considerations one should weight when contemplating growing from seed vs clone, as follows:

1.) TIME LINE: Of prime importance is to understand that if you are growing from seed, then you are going to typically add 2-4 weeks to your harvest timeline in order to germinate, sprout and sex seedlings. That is , an additional 1 month minimum, on top of traditional veg and bloom periods, for a total of production time of approximately 3-6+ months, seed to black. Most beginning growers lack the patience, passion and experience for this approach, but if your time line and budget can afford it, “from seed” is the way to go. One big advantage to using clones it that you do not have to wait the additional 2-4 weeks .

2.) YIELD: If done right, growing from seed tends to produce more yield. This is exceptionally true among commercial hybrid varieties which will exhibit “hybrid vigor”. For a variety of reasons “hybrid vigor” generally leads to increased yields. The same is can be said for most F1 generation strains grown from seed. Over time cloning will diminish the yield curve the farther you get away from this F1 generation. Growers will often keep a F1 mother grown from seed in veg growth so as to continue to produce top quality clones. 

3.) QUALITY CONTROL: When you procure seeds from a reputable seed bank you can be assured that what you see is what you get. When you purchase clones from a dispensary or a “friend” you run the risk of getting heartaches. Not all growers are meticulous in their cleanliness and as a result can innocently conjure and spread disease into your farm. Other vendors are insidious in nature and prefer to pan off multi-generation varieties which have long since peaked productive cycle. Leaving them prone to disease and lower yields. Our “cannaseurs” know that taste, smell and presentation are important to us. As such, our clones are top notch. Ask your patient care specialist about clones varieties available for your farm. Most everything you see on our menu can be custom ordered in clone and juvenile varieties within a 2 week turn around.

4.) PRICE: Often times clones are the less expensive and be produced in large numbers making them extremely price effective when purchased from a reputable source. Seeds on the other hand can be a bit more expensive and time intensive, however the satisfaction you get from farming and the increases you see in yield make those extra dollars spent, pay for themselves.

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