DARK STAR X SKUNKAGE exclusive hybrid…this top shelf sativa is uplifting, euphoric and available no where else in the world!

In the Summer of 2014 we procured seeds of both Skunkage and Dark Star directly from a European seed bank distributer. The Skunkage were regular seeds, so they had not been STS or silver nitrate treated, as such we were running the chance of getting some males, which we did. We decided that we would experiment and cross pollenate several varieties with Skunkage, Dark Star being one of them. The Dark Star seeds were feminized and consequently very female. In a controlled environment we took F1 genetic of a Skunkage Male and crossed it with a Dark Star Female to produce seeds, which to germinate. We used a selective method to sprout only the female seeds we collected. The result, a rather pleasant sativa dominant hybrid which we grew in-door under 600W HPS.

It carries the pungent stank of it’s Mother Dark Star, so we whimsically decided to name the cross “Stankage”. It’s effects uplifting, euphoric and available no where else in the world!

Given that this  plant was a small producer it is likely that it will be phased out for more productive varieties. We urge our “cannasseur” patients to indulge in this productive day time variety while it is still in stock. Supplies are limited. Available THANKS GIVING-2015!!!  Enjoy, Farm to Table.

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